Re: Is SVG 2 still under development?

Just my observations as an author about SVG 2 in the past ~10 years since it

Most features once identified to be required for SVG 2 are removed from the
current canditate recommendation.
Therefore it is not really SVG 2, all relevant modules and new features are
still work in progress.

However, SVG 1.1 (second edition) and SVG tiny 1.2 are proper and complete
recommendations with lots of features to be implemented.
Especially SVG 1.1 is relevant for authors in practice and presumable will
remain relevant at least for the next five to ten years.

Due to removed features the current basic SVG 2 candidate recommendation
without the other SVG 2 modules is in most cases only a subset of SVG 1.1
respectively SVG tiny 1.2.
Once the basic set together with all modules become recommendations, it might
become useful for authors.

Because many documents anyway indicate, that they follow version 1.1, it
should be currently sufficient to implement the current recommendations

Doing this, there will be not much additional work to get at least the basic
SVG 2 right for those documents indicating to be version 2 or no version at
all, once it might become a recommendation.
If there are bugs/imcompatibilities in the SVG 2 draft, they do not apply for
SVG 1.1 and 1.2 documents anyway.
Because SVG 2 itself still has no version indication (one can use a workaround
with RDF for example), it is not wrong to apply the 1.1 or 1.2 rules to those
documents with no version indication.
Therefore there is no need to wait for SVG 2 ;o)

Received on Sunday, 10 May 2020 08:47:52 UTC