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On 08/06/2018 22:55, Bogdan Brinza wrote:
> Hi Leonie,
> Thank you for reaching out. We couldn't make the deadline, but on the most recent call had a chance to discuss this:
No problem, thank you for finding the time. As it turns out, we've 
decided to push out our timetable in any case.

> We'd still like to capture our feedback.
> Currently SVG 2.0 Editor's Draft takes reference to HTML Living Standard - and that is a requirement for us we have a dependency on the few recent changes made in that version (mixins), informed by the web browsers interoperability today.
> Per our call minutes we won't be able to change that dependency as we really need those changes to reflect the state of the web.

We have an open PR to add the mixins to HTML5.3:

It's part of an effort to identify and minimise technical deltas between 
the HTML5.3 specification and the HTML standard. Review from someone in 
the SVG WG would be welcome - perhaps Amelia as she filed the original 

Thanks again for your help.
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> On 26/04/2018 15:11, Léonie Watson wrote:
>> Hello SVG,
> Hello again.
>> We would welcome your review of HTML5.3 [1].
>> To help make your review easier, we have produced a changelog that
>> contains all substantive changes made since HTML5.2 [2]. Please also
>> note that there are features marked "at risk", documented in the Status.
>> If there are any issues arising from your review, please file them on
>> the HTML Github repo [3], and apply the "wide review" and "svg" labels
>> to each issue. This will help us track your issues and ensure we
>> respond accordingly.
>> We would appreciate your feedback no later than Friday 25th May 2018.
>> Thank you.
> This is a final follow-up to confirm that the SVG WG is happy for
> HTML5.3 to progress to CR without review?
> In the tradition of the W3C, we'd prefer a concrete response, but in the absence of a response by end of day on Friday 1st June, we'll assume that the SVG WG is indeed happy for us to begin the journey to CR.
>> Léonie on behalf of the HTML Editors and WebPlat Chairs.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
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