SVG3D idea

Hello there.
My name is Ivano Arrighetta and I'm Italian.
I would like to share an idea I had about SVG, to make it more 3D (NOT a 
3D engine though).
The basic idea is about making SVG able to draw in 3D as well, still 
retaining its general purpose form of graphics.
Below is a summary about how would I turn SVG in 3D, grouped by element 
Please, consider adding this to the SVG standard.

Text - extrusion, along a line path as well
Rect - becomes box
Square - becomes cube
Rounded rectangle - becomes rounded box
Circle - becomes sphere
Ellipse - becomes ellipsoid
Polygon - extrusion, along a line path as well
Path - becomes an arbitrary mesh
Bezier curve - becomes NURBS

Transformations - also applies to 3rd dimension and can be applied to 
single faces instead of whole 3d object (excluding ellipsoid and NURBS)
TextPath - also allows to define a 3D line for the path
Pattern - becomes UV-Mapping
LinearGradient - becomes vertex coloring

I hope you'll like the idea and develop it further, thanks in advance 

Bye, Ivano.

Received on Monday, 22 May 2017 22:16:17 UTC