Re: Regarding implementation of SVG2 vector effects

Thanks Francis
15 years? wow, impressive.. well, it might get a bit frustrating,
is there any way to encourage both parties ( and browser vendors) to
reach a common understanding ?
I hope there is a conclusion ASAP.

2017-01-31 22:45 GMT+09:00 Francis Hemsher <>:

> Thanks Ramin,
> You have exposed that the SVG2 package is never going to be implemented in
> browsers. Also, there is a total lack of coordination between browser
> vendors and on implementing any of its parts.
> This is going in the same direction we experienced when having SVG1
> eventually used in browsers, that took over 15 years to be established.
> Believe me, you are on a frustrating journey...
> Francis
> On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 9:38 PM, グルチヤンラミン <> wrote:
>> Dear W3C/SVGWG
>> I am working for KDDI Technology Co. and I'm writing this email to you
>> because we have been working on implementation of SVG2 CR vector effects
>> (described in W3G spec, following link) into Firefox/Gecko since last three
>> months.
>> Sponsored by KDDI, we've succeeded to bring support for those new effects
>> to firefox/Gecko, however, final shipment has faced to some difficulties
>> because Mozilla shows no intention to apply new SVG2  spec unless other
>> browsers i.e. chromium/edge have a plan to do so.
>> (please refer to following links for more details:
>> and
>> )
>> As a result, to bring new SVG2 spec to reality, it is very important to
>> encourage all browsers to apply new spec, and to achieve this goal, your
>> help would be inevitable.
>> We are looking forward for your help and support.
>> Thank you very much
>> Ramin
>> KDDI Technology

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