Re: One metre interactive grid (long lat) superimposed on a map

Hi Philip

This is a list for discussing the development of the SVG specification.  It
is likely that you will not get any help with your problem here. I would
suggest asking a question under the "svg" tag on Stack Overflow instead.


On 14 December 2017 at 00:25, Philip Rhoades <> wrote:

> People,
> I have done a bit of Googling but am a little overwhelmed about where to
> start - I want to add an interactive 1 sqm grid to the attached plan (I
> have the original as a SVG file but it is too large to attach - I imported
> it from a PDF file) square with longitude and latitude such that people
> could click a rectangle of squares to indicate a proposed new building lot
> on the site.  Is SVG the right tool to build such an interactive map for a
> web page?
> Suggestions about where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Phil.
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