Request for Resolution: Publication of new SVG Accessibility draft specs (was: Agenda requests, 30th June 2016 telcon)

The SVG Accessibility Task Force would like to publish draft specifications
& needs a resolution from the main SVG working group (as well as from the
main ARIA working group).

Nikos: Can we add this to the agenda for tomorrow?  If anyone has any
questions, I can answer them then.  Or anyone can reply to this email with
questions or concerns.

There are 3 documents:

   - SVG Accessibility API Mappings. This is the spec that defines how
   native SVG features should be exposed to the operating system accessibility
   APIs and therefore to assistive tech.  It essentially defines the default
   ARIA behavior of SVG.  There have been a number of fixes and clarifications
   since the last working draft, in response to feedback from implementers.
   We have also changed the default role mappings to use new graphics-specific

   - Current Editor's Draft
      - Previous Working Draft (from last November):

      - WAI-ARIA Graphics Module.  This defines 3 new graphics-specific
   ARIA roles, so we don't have to call everything in SVG a "group" for lack
   of a better term.  There haven't been any major changes since the last
   working draft, just some general clean-up.  The main change is that the
   SVG-AAM now uses these roles!

   - Current Editor's Draft
      - Previous Working Draft (from last December)

      - Graphics Accessibility API Mappings.  This defines how the new
   graphics roles should be exposed to the accessibility APIs.  This will be a
   first working draft, and it is currently incomplete. We are consulting with
   people who work on the various APIs about how best to describe complex
   graphics in each API; they may need to introduce new roles in their
   system.  Nonetheless, the task force agrees that having at least a rough
   draft published will help move things along.  It also means that the
   updated versions of the previous specs can be published without having
   broken links to a non-existent spec!

   - Current Editor's Draft

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> Hi all,
> Please add any agenda requests for this week’s telcon to the wiki
> Or add the ‘on agenda’ label to a GitHub issue.
> Thanks,
> Nikos.

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