Re: SVG pathSegList Deprecated via Chrome's version 48 TODAY!

On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Francis Hemsher <> wrote:
> Initially it was somewhat of a challenge 15 years ago to wrap my head around
> building SVG paths via pathSegList  and its methods. I persevered, and
> thereby have about 200 files within various apps online that use this
> feature.
> I believe Google has seriously jumped the gun in dumping this feature with
> no warning to developers. It will take quite a few hours/days/weeks to fix
> my pages to run in Chrome. In the meantime about 50% of my users will crash
> when getting into the SVG path.
> I'm hoping for a bit of feedback to the Chrome folks to reconsider this, and
> a rollback to support of SVG's pathSegList. HELP!
> See the following:

Sending email to is the most effective way to
communicate with Chrome devs.


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