Re: Interactive Declarative Animation in <img>

On 03/26/2015 07:31 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> That depends on what it means to perform such a navigation, right?
> Are we just talking about scrolling or something?  That should be ok, or
> at least not really any different from declarative animation, I think.

Thanks -- basically, yeah, that's the idea.

We're talking about:
 <img src="foo.svg">
...with a link inside of the image, which (if clicked in a browser that
supports this) would change the <img> to now be rendering
foo.svg#someArbitraryString (whatever that means for the rendering).

And IIUC, the extent of "whatever that means" would be: change to scroll
position (in scrollable things inside the image), changing
:target-dependent CSS rules, and possibly changing the media fragment or
"#svgView()" expression, which I think would effectively change the
viewport (and perhaps image size).

Anyway, I think I agree that this navigation (to a different #fragment)
wouldn't enable anything fundamentally different than what declarative
animation already basically enables. (aside from the fact that it'd be
triggered by interaction)


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