Re: Interactive Declarative Animation in <img>

On 03/26/2015 10:36 AM, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> This is a
>> natural extension (requirement?) of the "no external resources" rule for
>> SVG-as-an-image.  We could conceivably allow navigation *to an anchor
>> within the image-document*,
> yes, any link  to a fragment within the same resource. ie any link
> that could be expressed as #foo
>> but this would still let the image change
>> its own URL, which seems to introduce undesirable complexity.
> Its not changing its own *base* url, though.

Yeah...  I probably don't understand document-navigation well enough to
know how messy this would be for the image document. My initial
objection was along the lines of: "but then the <img> src attribute
would change", but I suppose we already don't bother that when the image
hits a redirect or something like that. So this could be done transparently.

One potential source of weirdness would be with media fragments &
svgView() -- both of these are expressed with a "#" suffix on the URL (a
fragment identifier).  These could be provided by the host site, but
then changed (internally) by the image itself, with user-interaction.
This seems like a bug in the idea, though maybe it'd be a feature...

bz might have more concrete thoughts on this. bz: in a hypothetical
world where browsers send events into <img> (for things like hover
effects and event-triggered SMIL animation), can you think of any
problem with *also* allowing clickable links in the image-document that
point to anchors elsewhere within the image-document? (assuming we block
navigation to & loads of external content)


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