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> "Tab Atkins Jr." replied
> On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 10:41 AM, Philip Rogers <> wrote:
>> Has the SVGWG considered specing the differences in <img> vs <object>? It is
>> not obvious to users that there are large differences between the two.
> Yes, this is the Integration spec: <>.
> Several things aren't clear to me about this discussion:
> a) I was thinking that the reason Social Media and Wikipedia might not want to allow user uploads of SVG into <object>s is because they don't want to trust 3rd party script
> b) it seems like the only danger associated with SVG SMIL/SVG interactive SMIL is when one listens to keystrokes. Suppose <img src="file.svg"> allowed mousedown mouseover mouseout onclick, mouseup etc. but no keypress events. Is there any danger then? The pedagogical objectives that make SVG SMIL cool are then not harmful.
> that was the reason for the request but maybe I am missing something. I get the feeling though that the people saying just use <object> if you want interactivity are missing the basic point here.

Running script in <img> is out of the question, so we won't get a full
document context regardless; adding in enough plumbing to handle
interactive SMIL (when we're rapidly dropping it in the first place)
is almost certainly not worth the engineering effort.


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