Feature request: ZoomAndPan API

I had prepared this around four days ago.
And have been waiting a cursory check on it's reasoning.
But the check went into someone's 2busy basket!
I see Jonathan and Erik discussing the region.
So I now post it.

I maybe unread of all svg docs.
Though I cannot find a reference to zoom state detection.
There is an excellent discussion on SO:

Feature request: ZoomAndPan API.
In some webkit implementations zooming beyond the (implied) zoom max
results in messy redraws and uncertain recentering.
Currently I find islands of zoom stability with some browsers.

Known (starter) use case:
With a zoom level known, content visibility can be adjusted accordingly.

The maximum zoom level of browsers differ.
So content levels cannot be planned according to level.
There is the adjacent developer interest of detecting pan state.

The zoom and pan are the user actions, the scale and scroll the svg result?

Being that SVG promotes scalability, this omission appears as a surprise to
many newcomers.

 google seach

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