Re: Define "document view"

On Mon, 09 Mar 2015 19:28:20 +0100, Jonathan Rimmer <>  

> Section 15.2 of the SVG2 spec [1] talks about events such as "resize",  
> "scroll", etc. firing when changes occur to the "document view".
> I cannot find any other use or definition of "document view" in the  
> spec. What does it mean? In particular, what does it mean when the SVG  
> document is embedded inline within another document, such as HTML?

The same wording was in SVG 1.1 as well, but I agree that it should have a  
proper definition.

I think these terms (or some equivalent) should be defined by CSSOM View.

> Knowing when an inline SVG document has been resized or scrolled would  
> be extremely useful. Knowing when the encompassing HTML document scrolls  
> or resizes seems less useful, as there generally other, easier ways to  
> receive and respond to this information.

There's no such thing as an "inline svg document", any inline svg  
fragments all belong to the same document.

If you want to know then the outermost svg changes size or is scrolled,  
that's a CSS layout thing except in the case where the svg is standalone  
and not using CSS for the layout.

> Whatever "document view" intended to mean, shouldn't it be properly  
> defined at least? Right now it is rather ambiguous.

Agreed, I'll make a note in the spec about this for now.

Thanks for your feedback
Erik Dahlstrom, Web Technology Developer, Opera Software
Co-Chair, W3C SVG Working Group

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