SVG2: rx/ry attributes on <rect> - more control?

Hi. Are there any plans to in some way extend the ry and rx attributes on <rect> so that users would have control over which corners that gets rounded  and which corners who don’t?

If not, there should be. I, for instance, want two of the corners to be rounded, and I think this should be possible without using a rather complex <path>.

If this isn’t possible, maybe you could think about adopting CSS border-radius to work on SVG <rect>s (and possibly other straight-lined-shapes)? It works the same way on HTML elements. I do understand if that could be difficult, though.

I have not done research regarding compatibility problems, what is possible and what’s not due to technical limitations etc. - I just feel that this is a natural extension to a rather limited property.

By the way, thank you for finally adding stroke-alignment to the spec - I assume it works the same way as the proposed stroke-position, and that’s really great. 

Best regards,

Simen Mangseth

Graphic designer/web developer

Received on Thursday, 5 March 2015 12:17:15 UTC