re: new feature request


note, that Mozilla/Gecko/Firefox removed declarative interactivity
(this means without the requirement for script interpretation) for
SVG some versions ago (number 9?) intentionally due to 
security/privacy problems in this viewer and in (X)HTML, 
as far as I understand this.
(The arguments in the discussion are still a bit surprising, because
obviously the security/privacy problems persist, if script interpretation
is activated, almost at the same time they removed the simple button to
allow normal users to decide about script interpretation 
- looks like the gecko developers mainly want to force
users to activate script interpretation to enable even more privacy, security
and stability issues/problems for the user ;o)

Therefore, at least for this viewer one first has to solve such
security and conceptual problems, before declarative SVG interactivity 
becomes available again, with or without using the SVG with xhtml:img,
directly embedded into the XHTML-document or within
xhtml:object or xhtml:iframe.
Obviously, if viewers switch off script interpretation by default for
the xhtml:img content, there will be no declarative SVG interactivity
anyway due to such an intended bug.

As one can already see with this example - intentionally
introduced bugs in viewers often block effectively lots of meaningful
use cases for SVG.


Received on Thursday, 5 March 2015 12:12:26 UTC