RE: SVG animations without SMIL

> On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Smailus, Thomas O
> <> wrote:
> > A lot of our 'content' at Boeing is hand-rolled and sits behind our intranet
> firewalls - so we implement content by using the grouping and XML-ness of
> the SVG document format and viewers allowing us to put non-SVG XML in
> the document (that the browser doesn't know/care about however our
> JavaScript libraries do know about.  So there is content in SVG,  just not
> standardized or not visible to most of the world.
> ...which you're not planning to animate with SMIL *or* CSS Animations, and
> thus is irrelevant to the topic. ^_^
> ~TJ

Well, actually that’s not entirely true.  We have plans to do animations around the 'content' we have in our graphics, but have been delaying until this animation dust settles as we need to have a working, cross supported animation scheme to even consider it.

Till then, we continue to do our animations in a 'flip-book' fashion developed way back in our CGM tools days.

Though that may still be irrelevant to the topic.


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