Re: SVG animations without SMIL

On 2015/06/05 3:50, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> We must not let perfect be the enemy of the good here.  "Let's make a
> new, better path syntax" is absolutely something we should do, but it
> is *not* a short-term project.

Agreed, but let's not conflate changing the syntax with freeing up the 

 > In the
> meantime, we still can't animate paths in WebAnim, which is silly.

Web Animations just uses the rules defined for interpolating the 
attributes its presented with--i.e. the matching segments behavior 
(which actually makes a bit more sense for a script API). So you can 
animate paths in Web Animations already.

> Let's just promote the d attribute, come up with a property name for
> it (not 'd'), and define the simple interpolation rules for it.  We
> can fix path at our leisure then.

What's the urgency in pushing something into CSS that is basically unusable?

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