Re: SVG animations without SMIL

Bob Hopgood:
>I think SVG should stick to animating simple paths and not go too far in
>trying to second guess what the application might want in terms of

At least in the CSS animation and transformation drafts, maybe applicable
in the future as well for the decoration of SVG, such guessing and patronising
already happens in case of matrices.
I think, typically this approach is not meaningful and not useful, but
still available instead of simple interpolation, those drafts to not even 
provide a choice to use a simple and stable interpolation just between lists 
of numbers.
Reinventing the wheel, but not round, is common in the W3C in the past few
years ;o)

If such efforts to obfucate SVG continue with SVG 2 like removing declarative 
animation of content (and inventing only decorative animation with CSS or 
java-script), it will become a completely different language - well, maybe 
simple enough for current implementors, but not relevant for advanced and
skilful authors anymore.

Users should care to conserve older versions of viewers, just in case, 
the tendencies to regressions continues - those are not perfect either, but
often more advanced than newer versions in these days.

What happens next, because vendors do not manage to implement features of SVG?
Will they remove fill and stroke from their implementations and we will find 
no fill and stroke in SVG 2 anymore, just because it is difficult to 
implement it corrently (I think, no current implementations does it 
completely correct now ;o)
Or removing elliptical arcs from path data?
As for SVG tiny it requires at least some mathematical lectures at university 
for authors to approximate elliptical arcs with cubic curve segments.
And presumably some more lectures in numerical mathematics to simulate
the behaviour of animated elliptical arcs in a more efficient way than frame 
based with about 25 paths per second ...
Or even worse, without declarative animation, suddenly the audience has
to get about 25 SVG documents per second to work around this issue for
future SVG viewers...


Received on Thursday, 4 June 2015 14:55:21 UTC