RE: Supporting an option deforming algorithm for <textPath>?


From: Paul LeBeau 
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2015 6:36 AM
To: www-svg
Subject: Supporting an option deforming algorithm for <textPath>?


Hi all


A recent question on SO highlighted the fact that cursive alphabets may not be well-served by the current textPath algorithm.


Supporting cursive languages may not have been a high priority 15-20 years ago when the original spec was written, but it is probably more desirable now.


Should the idea of adding a new alternative algorithm be considered? Perhaps one that specifies glyph deformation rather than simple rotation?



Additional arguments for glyph deformation can be seen here:  Allowing glyphs in sequence to be deformed by two “quasi-parallel” path/curves would handle many of the cases in which authors currently have to resort to bitmaps to convey their textual intentions, though the Farsi case sited at stackoverflow (if I understand it) seems more like an issue of multicharacter ligatures in combination with deformations. It would be nice if SVG could start to add some features…






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