Re: making comma-wsp optional between points list coordinates

Juergen Roethig:
> consistency with other cases is always a good argument for a change.
> But in this case, I would have proposed to have a consistency to a
> notation which is _readable_, and _intuitively_ _understandable_ by
> _humans_ instead of allowing notations like "1.5.3-1,.2-.7e1.2.3" in
> any case, meaning something like a sequence of six or seven numbers
> (and even the experts in this thread were not consistent in their
> opinion whether these are six or seven numbers). SVG should be a
> language which is able to be read and understood (besides being
> authored) by humans, not only by machines - otherwise one might
> define SVG as a binary coded format instead of a textual one in
> order to save some amount of bytes (if this might be the reason to
> allow such horrible notations of sequences of numbers).

While I am sympathetic, it is not just that we are changing SVG to allow
a binary coded format just because it’s shorter; we are changing it to
align with what implementations actually do.  It would be much more
difficult to change the other way.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Friday, 6 February 2015 22:41:10 UTC