[css-text-decor-3] 'text-decoration-color' and SVG


At the last SVG Face-to-Face meeting we briefly discussed how CSS Text
Decoration Module Level 3 would apply to SVG. The new
'text-decoration-line' and 'text-decoration-style' present no problems
within SVG but the 'text-decoration-color' property is a horse of
another color. SVG text decoration is painted using the 'fill' and
'stroke' properties of the text where 'text-decoration' is explicitly
declared. The paint value is not limited to a solid color; it can be a
gradient or pattern or other SVG paint.

At the F2F it was suggested that we ping the CSS working group for
suggestions on how to handle 'text-decoration-color' in SVG. After
thinking about the problem for some time (and consulting with some
Inkscape developers), I have concluded that 'text-decoration-color'
should not apply to SVG. Instead there should be two additional SVG only
properties: 'text-decoration-fill' and 'text-decoration-stroke'.

Any comments?

I've prepared a web page that includes a few figures and some more




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