<send target>: _internal or #_internal?

Section 5.10.1 says:
“[…] "internal" (for events raised by […] <send> with target '_internal’) […]”

Section 6.2.2 says (in two places):
"or when the attribute 'target' has the value "_internal”."

Section G.4 shows:
"<send target="_internal" event="OP.INSERT”>”


Section D.1 says:
"SCXML Processors must support the following special targets for <send>: #_internal. If the target is the special term '#_internal’, […]”

test173.txml includes:
<assign conf:location="1" conf:quoteExpr="#_internal"/>

test189.txml includes:
<!-- to the internal queue -->
<send event="event1" target="#_internal”/>


Are these in contradiction? If so, which is correct?
(LXSC is currently aiming to pass the tests, and thus is using #_internal, assuming that 5.10.1, 6.2.2, and G.4 are all leftover from a former era before the octothorp was added.)

Received on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 20:43:46 UTC