cloning the SVG2 repository... without a password.

I'm trying to follow the guidance on the WG site:


Anyone can clone the repositories in, but only working group members who have had their SSH keys added to the server may push to To have their key added, WG members should send their SSH public key (that's the file ending in .pub!) to Cameron.

So I read that to mean that one can do an hg clone without an SSH key.

The hg command given is "hg clone ssh:// local/path/svg2" which specifies the userID we should all be using "svgwg" but there is nothing about a password.

So what password is used? (as my SSH client wants a password)?

Or am I mis-interpreting this all and one cannot just get a clone of the repo to one's local file system without an account and/or key in place first?
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