Re: SMIL vs JavaScript (was: SVG API for canvas)

(2014/06/12 14:04), Rik Cabanier wrote:
> For instance:
> - can we give them their own worker? (faster + synchronous events won't
> block main thread)

I thought that this will be possible with CanvasProxy.

> - would they be satisfied with a lighter DOM? (ie only SVG/Canvas/WebGL)

Are we still talking about running in a worker here?

> - would they be interested in an animation model or does JS work fine
> for them?

I've been thinking about making custom effects in web animations exposed 
to workers. That would make writing JS animations simpler and make 
reusing main-thread code easier.

Regarding frame-based animations. I think we can provide a frame-based 
timeline where you configure, for example, how much time increments on 
each sample (perhaps with tolerances).


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