Re: fill and stroke properties with CSS <image> values

On Feb 1, 2014, at 6:33 PM, Cameron McCormack <> wrote:

> On 1/02/2014 6:18 pm, Dirk Schulze wrote:
>> I did propose having multiple layers (which is conform to the
>> intentions of Tav). Multiple colors can be archived with the image()
>> function which creates a “color image”.
> I didn't realise your proposal was for multiple layers too.
> I think it's going to be kind of unobvious that you need to use image(color) for the common case of putting a colour underneath a hatch pattern.  For example not being able to write:
>  fill: yellow, url(#diagonalhatch);

This example doesn’t make sense. You the last specified layer is the last layer to draw. In your case you would not see diagonal hatch because you fill the are with yellow right after it.

> but instead needing to write:
>  fill: image(yellow), url(#diagonalhatch);
> but maybe it's unavoidable.

I assume you want

fill: url(#diagonalhatch) yellow;

This would be possible and is more likely to be useful. It would fill the area with yellow first and draw the hatch on top of it.

> On the other hand, how much are we really like a background layer here, and not just something that has similar syntax?  It's not like we've got fill-image, fill-position, etc. properties.  And there's no fill-color for the <color> in the <final-bg-layer> to be copied into.  Maybe it would be OK to allow colours in the middle of the list.

“Like I said” at the F2F ;), I wanted to let fill and stroke behave like background. Any addition or modification makes it unnecessarily hard for people to switch between the two syntaxes. Furthermore, it causes a lot of problems to synch with background if the syntax of background changes later - which is not unlikely. Another reason for using exactly the same syntax: fill and stroke shall be used for text in general in the near future, not just in SVG. Then every user would complain about the modified syntax since it is not localized to SVG anymore.

That said, I am in favor for having multiple background colors. Especially with background blending this would be really useful. I believe that this needs to be solved for backgrounds first, then we can port it back to fill and stroke.


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