Re: fill and stroke properties with CSS <image> values

On 1/02/2014 6:18 pm, Dirk Schulze wrote:
> I did propose having multiple layers (which is conform to the
> intentions of Tav). Multiple colors can be archived with the image()
> function which creates a “color image”.

I didn't realise your proposal was for multiple layers too.

I think it's going to be kind of unobvious that you need to use 
image(color) for the common case of putting a colour underneath a hatch 
pattern.  For example not being able to write:

   fill: yellow, url(#diagonalhatch);

but instead needing to write:

   fill: image(yellow), url(#diagonalhatch);

but maybe it's unavoidable.

On the other hand, how much are we really like a background layer here, 
and not just something that has similar syntax?  It's not like we've got 
fill-image, fill-position, etc. properties.  And there's no fill-color 
for the <color> in the <final-bg-layer> to be copied into.  Maybe it 
would be OK to allow colours in the middle of the list.

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