Re: Proposal: <star> element

On Apr 14, 2014, at 08:22 AM, Stephen Chenney <> wrote:
On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 11:58 PM, David Dailey <> wrote:
Before we decide what a language should not express, we really ought to decide what it can express!

Yes. The SVG language already contains sufficient functionality to express the star element use cases presented thus far. 
"Sufficient" is not sufficient. I would call it "workaround exists". By the same argument, SVG should get rid of the <rect>, <circle>, <ellipse>, <polygon>, <polyline>, and <line> elements. After all, the <path> element covers all of these.

The discussion should not be whether or not one _can_ draw the elements, but if doing so is sufficiently succinct and simple.

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