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> +1
> Before we decide what a language should not express, we really ought to
> decide what it can express!

Yes. The SVG language already contains sufficient functionality to express
the star element use cases presented thus far.

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> Philip Rogers wrote:
> >Adding <star> will unnecessarily break compatibility with existing SVG
> >viewers, many of which do not have plans to support SVG2 (Presto,
> >Batik, etc). Additional spec complexity reduces the chance that a new
> >SVG2 implementation will be written: the barrier to entry is already
> >above what a hobbyist can achieve. Lastly, the code behind even a
> >simple feature must be downloaded all users (with browsers this is now in
> the billions).
> With this argument, we should forget about any new feature and SVG2
> completely [Snip]

No, that's a misrepresentation. Philip's argument is that the cost of the
star element is unnecessary. He says nothing at all about the necessity of
other features.

> Olaf

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