Re: Proposal: <star> element


due to the requirements, it was already rejected to introduce a star like 
element in SVG 2:
(it references my proposal including examples and a PHP-script simulation the 
appearence and usage of such an element)

Previous attempts to provide a specific element only for regular polygons 
(convex or not convex) comparable to your proposal was already discussed
earlier and it was rejected, because it was assumed, that it does not have 
enough use cases, therefore my proposal tries to cover much more use cases
and allows to extent the simple shapes to complex objects straight forward.
I think, inkscape has some different approach, easier for some simpler shapes,
but far less general than my proposal.
Furthermore with the new path command for bearing, the simple use cases
like convex or not convex regular polygons (and some more shapes of discrete
rotation structure) are already covered now, but obviously using this in the
path element without semantic meaning requires the use of the elements title
and desc to give information, if a specific named object is realised.
Finally the existence of this new path command limits the usefulness of a
specific element just for regular polygons even more as before, when such
elements were already discussed and rejected.

The question here is, if a simple approach is not sufficient and its use cases
are already covered by the new path command and a more general approach
is rejected and the computation is left to scripts of the author, what could 
be a successful proposal for objects with discrete rotation symmetry 
(including an option to break the symmetry if required)?
I still think, that something like the polar element from my proposal could
be pretty helpful for authors, especially if they not only want to compute
such shapes with their own script but want to apply declarative animation
to such a shape as well (a simulation with a current path element has 
always the tendency to blow up the souce code to several Megabyte per
animation element, effectively excluding the publication of such documents).

At least it was accepted to introduce some path notation with polar 
but this did not appear yet in the SVG 2 draft.
Maybe helpful to continue the discussion here?


Received on Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:37:02 UTC