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> On Oct 10, 2013, at 8:09 PM, David Vest <> wrote:
>> Dirk Schulze <> writes:
>>> Did you test a combination of 'with'/'height' properties to attributes
>>> on the <svg> element?
>> Yes, a number of combinations. That is basically what all the 1458 tests
>> do, plus they test them inside different container elements.
>>> We have a resolution that both shall be treated as presentation
>>> attributes.
>> AFAIK, that is what Firefox and old Opera (presto) does. The attribute
>> maps to the property, but the property overrides. Where can I find the
>> resolution?
> I am sure ed or heycam find the resolutions for that. I do not have a  
> link right now.

This is ISSUE-2441 [1], and the SVG2 spec doesn't yet say that  
width/height on <svg> are presentation attributes (or for that matter any  
of the other attributes that were selected in the CSS Animations and  
Transitions on SVG Attributes proposal[2]). The proposal lists the  
resolutions from the WG.

Minutes with discussion of ISSUE-2441:

I think the <svg> width/height attributes are somewhat more important than  
the other attributes because:

a) <svg> is an integration point (interaction with css layout) so has a  
larger impact on svg overall
b) there are special considerations needed if we want authoring  
expectations to hold (to avoid breaking existing content)
c) given that gecko/presto have been shipping this for quite some time the  
SVG DOM implications can't be all that bad in this particular case (CSS OM  
was already available for reading out the size here since outermost svg  
fragments are )

Some further details in the gecko bugreport[3].


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