RE: Inline SVG sizing in CSS

On Oct 10, 2013, at 7:13 AM, David Vest <> wrote:

* Example: 0001-width_auto_and_height_through_width_and_ratio.html

   An SVG with no given width or height but with a viewBox and thus an
   intrinsic ratio.

   Chrome gets the width correct but then also does the default 100%
   height thing and manages to pass the auto-height ancestor and resolve
   height against the grand-parent's height. Weird.

This is a longstanding bug, currently at:

Note that the workaround for now (discovered by Zach Leatherman) is to  
set max-height:100% on the inline svg. This somehow tricks the  
algorithm into sizing the height based on the intrinsic dimensions,  
regardless of any container height. A bug to fight a bug :)

Thanks for all this work, David, awesome stuff--and desperately needed.


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