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Re: [filter-effects] resolution dependent filter primitives

From: lcff <info@londoncityfilmfestival.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 02:56:38 -0800 (PST)
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <1385549798764-269831.post@n7.nabble.com>
Dear community 

I'm a web developer who has been following the recent events regarding the
removal of FilterRes with a bit of concern. The reason is that my latest Web
App, in which I've been working hard for quite some time, makes heavy use of
SVG filters and also essential use of the FilterRes parameter. In fact, in
my app FilterRes is key. Going into the details as to why would be long, i
just would like to say:

* Somebody wrote that FilterRes has mainly be used to reduce
resolution/quality for faster performance. That's for sure one of its uses
but in my case I am using it for the opposite, to increase the resolution.
The reasons are long to explain but just wanted to point out that in my case
I'm doing the opposite and i doubt i'm the only one doing it. Being able to
independently control and increase resolution rendering quality when one
needs it is extremely useful and in my app is essential.

* As somebody very well wrote, usage of these filters has been limited in
the past because support across the browsers was not very good, but this is
changing very rapidly and we may be about to witness, maybe,  a huge growth
in the use of both svg and css filters in my opinion. And right at this
time, to remove such powerful parameter as FilterRes that allowed me (and
i'm sure others) to control exactly as i wanted the quality and resolution
of the rendering of the filter effects, independently of the width etc
settings of my html divs...  so.. i'm not sure why we would limit developers
right at this point in this way.

* Personally i have no doubts that there are many other developers using
FilterRes as i do , for manipulating in creative ways the rendering
resolution and quality of svg filters etc I'm sure i'm not the only one! :)

So all in all, if FilterRes has already been removed, it would be really
great if at least an alternative was provided. I would find it incredible to
believe that we won't have any means to independently control the rendering
quality of the filters independently of other parameters in the environment
(in my case html tags that i need to keep low and which limit the quality of
the results)

thank you for your attention and hopefully there will be a way to at least
provide an alternative, i really believe that this is a feature that will
soon be missed by many, at least certainly by me :)

thank you for reading :) and best wishes

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