[filter-effects] color-interpolation-filters


I've recently added support for the value 'linearRGB' for the property
'color-interpolation-filters' to Inkscape (previously, Inkscape assumed
a value of 'sRGB'). I found the SVG 1.1 specification to be not very
clear as to how this property is suppose to be implemented in all cases.
The Filter Effects draft seems to just have copied the SVG 1.1 text so
there has been no improvement. The effect of the property is only
specifically defined for feDisplacementMap and feTurbulence. My best
guess as to how things should be implement (dividing the filters into
three classes) is:

Assuming a value of 'linearRGB':

Composite like:

  Input(s) transformed to linearRGB if not already in linearRGB
  Output linearRGB

  feBlend, feColorMatrix, feComponentTransfer, feComposite,
feConvolveMatrix, feGaussianBlur, feImage(?), feMerge,

Source like:

  Output in linearRGB (following spec for feTurbulence)

  feFlood, feTurbulence, feDisffuseLighting, feSpecularLighting

Copy like:

  Output is same as input (following spec for feDisplacementMap)

  feDisplacementMap, feMorphology, feOffset, feTile

Note: Firefox and Opera currently interpret feFlood color as being
defined in sRGB while Chrome follows the value of


Received on Monday, 7 January 2013 13:54:55 UTC