Re: Relaxing SVGList* item object equality in Blink/Chromium

On 12/10/13 2:16 AM, Kouhei Ueno wrote:
> If you are intereseted in
> more implementation details, please see:

I read through the design document you posted there; thank you for 
writing that up.

Is the idea that you want to have some sort of internal data structure 
and then any time someone asks for an SVG DOM object that would map to 
that data structure you want to just mint a brand new object (which 
points to that same shared data structure)?

I agree that this is an appealing implementation strategy for SVG, but 
it seems to me that you can get most of the benefits you describe 
(refcounting the tearoff objects, giving them sane bindings, etc) while 
still caching them as needed so you don't have to keep minting new 
objects.  Certainly that's what Gecko does.


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