Re: new SVGMatrix() should return the identity matrix

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 11:06 AM, Eric Seidel <> wrote:
> I can understand the rational which may have lead to this current
> design.  Since unlike the proposed (and now gone) CSSMatrix, SVGMatrix
> takes floats as an argument.  If those arguments are missing,
> presumably undefined is assumed and undefined evaluates to 0.  That's
> definitely less magical to some set of JS ninjas than having the no
> argument version give you the identity (at the cost of the no argument
> version instead giving you a much less useful zero-matrix).

Yes, we want to try as much as possible to ensure that platform APIs
work the same way as JS ones, and in general that means not doing

Since the simplest behavior for undefined (just convert it to a
number, resulting in NaN) is useless, the second behavior of turning
null/undefined into zero is obviously the best behavior for arbitrary
undefined arguments.  We don't want a different behavior between
DOMMatrix() and DOMMatrix(undefined), nor between DOMMatrix(undefined)
and DOMMatrix(0).

> I guess authors can learn to do:
> var identity = new SVGMatrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0);
> instead (assuming I even typed that correctly from memory?)
> identity.scale(2);
> in all their code.  Bleh.

We can just provide a static id() method that returns an identity
matrix rather than a zero matrix. is nearly the same
as DOMMatrix(), but is explicit and doesn't interfere with our API
design guidelines.

I think this is a useful thing to do.


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