should we remove the kerning property in favour of font-kerning?

SVG 1.1 has the kerning property, which lets you override the kerning 
information from the font to use a specific value.  You can use 
"kerning: 0" to disable kerning, for example.  css3-fonts defines the 
font-kerning property, which has values "none" to disable kerning, 
"normal" to apply it, and "auto" to give the UA some leeway in 
determining whether it should apply.

The kerning property is implemented by WebKit, but not Gecko or Opera. 
(Sorry Jen for not testing IE in this and recent mails; opening up my VM 
is a bit of a drag.)

Can we drop kerning, and go ahead with font-kerning?  The combination of 
font-kerning and letter-spacing can achieve everything that the kerning 
property can.

Received on Sunday, 27 May 2012 08:23:22 UTC