should we remove glyph-orientation-{horizontal,vertical}?

The glyph-orientation-horizontal and glyph-orientation-vertical 
properties were originally intended to allow control the orientation of 
mixed layout (horizontal and vertical) text.  At least 
glyph-orientation-horizontal seems to be implemented in WebKit and Opera 
(although with somewhat different results[1]), but it isn't in Gecko.

css3-writing-modes solves this by defining the 'text-orientation' property:

so I suspect we should use that.  It has a value "use-glyph-orientation" 
which means to use the value of the SVG 
glyph-orientation-{horizontal,vertical} properties to determine the 
orientation of glyphs.  This value has been marked deprecated and at 
risk of being removed.

Would it be safe to remove these two properties and just use 
text-orientation going forward?


Received on Sunday, 27 May 2012 08:09:36 UTC