About arc command

I'm doing a svg style implementation.
arcing. check out the document, seems some words not so right:)
1, sweep flag:
I checkout wiki, there is no "positive-angle" speaking. as programmer,
I can get,  it just step or delta value >0.
but other users maybe get it better, if other common word used, f.e,
counter(anti)-clockwise, or left(right) handle law.
IMO, even "ccw" better than sweep.
2, implnote F.6.5, step4, eval the included angle, the acos result
range from 0-PI, but document stats:
where θ1 is fixed in the range −360° < Δθ < 360°
Indeed, it misguide me.
Though not use math thing long years, I get back ever feeling at math
by bad reviewing the lessons, and send this message.

BTW I hope my english speaking got.
If have some problem, I can send message again with more syntaxed thing.


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