Re: Transformations with units

Tanguy Ortolo:

>Well, I guess natural units would not have a very high popularity then,
>most SVG drawings must be using pixels…

Without providing a unit or an option to do so, you work in local units.
Typically these are no pixels. Apart from other transformations,
how much this is, depends mainly on the relation of width, height, viewBox
and preserveAspectRatio especially on the root svg element.
The simplest approach is anyway just to use only local units within the
svg element and define width and height of the svg with the intended
Whatever you assume, what a 'natural unit' is, as already discussed before,
there are reasons, why you will typically get the absolute units like mm and
cm not correctly displayed, if you use them ...


Received on Saturday, 3 March 2012 13:46:28 UTC