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>I'm looking for clarification on non-scaling strokes and markers. Does vector-effect=non-scaling-stroke on a path apply to its markers?
>It looks like SVG 2 will be the first version of the spec supporting both markers and non-scaling-stroke. I think it's least surprising to include markers as part of the stroke so that they will be affected by non-scaling-stroke. The marker spec hints otherwise: "Properties inherit into the 'marker' element from its ancestors; properties do not inherit from the element referencing the 'marker' element", which seems to say that markers do not inherit the stroke element's non-scaling-property.

There are existing issues with the way markers behave, especially due to the strange inheritance thing.

This is being looked at for SVG2 - I'd suggest this as an issue for the WG to add since it falls into
the same areas that are already being looked at.


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