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(Tav wrote)
>>  * Having a derivative of zero along the edge handles the case where the
>> color at the edge is at a maximum or minimum but we also need to
>> smoothly join patches where the color along the edge is in between. 

>>  (And the problem is more complicated when red, blue, and green all have
>> different profiles.)

RC> What does a "profile" mean? Does it refer to an ICC profile?

I was confused by that too, until I saw the second diagram in Tav's blog post

where a three dimensional shape is shown, edge on,  and the meaning seems to be 'the shape as seen in profile'.

Having different 'profiles' (in this geometric sense) drawn in red, and in blue, and being described in the text as 'color profiles' is rather confusing.

Speaking of that diagram, the slope discontinuity on the blue curve looks worrying.

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