Re: How to parse SVG Fragment Identifiers

Robert Longson:
> Daniel Holbert and I have come across a couple of issues when
> implementing
> in Firefox.
> Question 1. What is the syntax for AspectParams?
> Lets say you want to set preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin slice"
> We have this sentence in the specification: "Spaces are not allowed in
> fragment specifications; thus, commas are used to separate numeric
> values within an SVG view specification"
> But that does not help us as we don't have any numeric values. Testing
> seems to indicate that Batik wants a comma to separate things but
> Opera wants one of those disallowed spaces and not a comma at all.
> FWIW we're currently in the Opera camp but are willing to change.

As Olaf pointed out, you can write %20 for a space (and in many 
situations e.g. in HTML you can actually just include a space in an <a 
href> attribute), so I think we should just continue requiring a space 
(after decoding of the fragment) and not allow a comma there.

Received on Monday, 27 August 2012 06:56:38 UTC