Re: Future plans for SVG Fonts and SVG (SMIL) Animation in browsers (Was: DOM4 not compatible with ACID3 tests)

(2011/09/10 4:55), Ian Hickson wrote:
 > I'm not closely involved in the SVG work. Can someone elaborate on the
 > status of SVG Fonts and SMIL animation in terms of future plans for
 > browser vendors? Are these features that are intended to be phased out?

Mozilla is not planning to support SVG Fonts (as per [1][2][3];  however 
the idea of embedding SVG Fonts in OpenType[4] has attracted some 
interest including from Mozilla). That said, there was a resolution that 
SVG 2 would mandate support for SVG Fonts to some degree.[5]

SMIL Animation is up in the air at the moment. Microsoft have expressed 
concern about implementing it, or at least a preference to prioritise 
CSS Animations. There has been talk about harmonising the two 
technologies but until that path is clear some browser vendors are 
reluctant to invest further in SMIL. There are outstanding action items 
to investigate some of the options here.

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Brian Birtles


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