Re: fill = "freeze" | "remove" | "revert"

Dirk Schulze:

>I'd vote for harmonizing SVG animation and SMIL animation more. That means if 
>it could make sense to add a new argument, it should get into SMIL 
>specification first.

SMIL itself has an option to reverse, it is just not included in SVG as the
complete time manipulation module and other useful features ;o)

This is a separate attribute, because one still needs freeze for the behaviour
after the reversed motion is finished as well, it is intended for the 
behaviour after active duration. To use freeze for such a feature will be
pretty confusing for interactive animations and timing, because it would
still do the reverse motion after the active duration, not a good idea ;o)

It might get interesting, to explore how this behaves for to-animations ;o)

The module has other interesting features, that should be included in SVG2
as well as the concept of time containers from SMIL.


Received on Friday, 9 September 2011 08:59:49 UTC