Status of SVG params


 I would like to ask what the status of the SVG params proposal is. In 
 mapping we have the problem that the same symbols or patterns should be 
 made "adjustable" for overriding of fill/stroke/stroke-width etc. Up to 
 now we had to redefine the symbols over and over whenever we needed the 
 slightest change.

 The Open Source Desktop-GIS I am using (and helping to evolve), uses 
 SVG for point symbols and patterns. I proposed to use the same syntax 
 like the SVG param proposal 
 ( See also this 
 blog entry from the company developing this feature in QGIS:

 Any chances that this proposal will make it to a WD and a 
 Recommendation in a reasonable timeframe? Is there interest of the 
 browser projects to implement it? I think that content creators would 
 gain a lot of productivity if this feature would be implemented.

 Also, we would be interested in implementing this feature in QGIS in a 
 compatible way.

 Thanks for any comments or status updates,

 Andreas Neumann
 Böschacherstrasse 10A
 8624 GrĂ¼t (Gossau ZH)

Received on Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:27:08 UTC