Re: Dropping angle-bracket syntax for animation

Hi Cameron,

On 8/3/11 10:09 PM, "Cameron McCormack" <> wrote:

>On 4/08/11 3:06 AM, Vincent Hardy wrote:
>> I also thought we had resolved, during the FX meeting last week, to work
>> on requirements first. However, looking at the minutes log, I cannot
>> find any RESOLUTION or ACTION recorded on that.
>> It seems that the log is truncated at midnight, and I do not see the
>> following part at:
>Looking at, the conversation ended
>with Dean taking an action to write up use cases and a list of features
>to be added to CSS Animation.

Thanks for digging out the right log :-)

>I suppose if we get agreement on that, then we can see what the
>difference in functionality between SVG and (extended) CSS Animations
>is, which will help us determine which of the three broad directions
>Brian outlined we should head towards.

Since we have an action (ACTION-48 - Write up use-cases and priority list
of features to be added to css animations [on Dean Jackson - due
2011-08-02]), I think that means we had agreement during the meeting on
that direction.


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