Re: inconsistency about preserveAspectRatio for <image> element

On Monday, November 29, 2010, 7:18:17 PM, Daniel wrote:

DH> Hi Chris,

DH> That revised text definitely clears up the inconsistency, and it looks
DH> good to me.  Thanks!

Thanks for the confirmation.

DH> ~Daniel

DH> P.S. (One extreme nit, unrelated to the inconsistency: it might help the
DH> readability & improve grammatical correctness if a comma was added
DH> immediately after
DH>   "When an image element references an SVG image"
DH> in the very first sentence.  

Agreed, fixed.

DH> On 11/29/2010 07:17 AM, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Here is the updated wording, from the editor's draft. (Please ignore
>> the attribute-less <a> elements in the markup - the href is added
>> automatically when the spec is built).

>>     <p>When an <a>'image'</a> element
>>     references an SVG image the clip and overflow properties on the root element in
>>     the referenced SVG image are ignored (in the same manner as the
>>     x, y, width and height attributes are ignored). Unless the value of
>>     <a>'preserveAspectRatio'</a> on the <a>'image'</a> element starts with 'defer', 
>>     the <a>'preserveAspectRatio'</a> attribute on the root element in
>>     the referenced SVG image is also ignored (see <a>'preserveAspectRatio'</a>
>>     for details).
>>     Instead, the <a>'preserveAspectRatio'</a> attribute on
>>     the referencing <a>'image'</a>
>>     element defines how the SVG image content is fitted into the
>>     viewport and the clip and overflow properties on the <a>'image'</a> element define how the SVG
>>     image content is clipped (or not) relative to the viewport.</p>

>> Please let us know whether this revised wording is satisfactory.

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