Re: animate-elem-41-t.svg

Cameron McCormack:
> > I agree, for consistency with the other discrete animations we should
> > have from="nonzero" to="evenodd" on the fill-rule animations.

Changed now:

Dr. Olaf Hoffmann:
> Do you have in mind, if there is a test/subtest for implicte and 
> explicite discrete to-animations in the W3C-test-suite?
> Maybe there is no currently - but it would be very useful to
> test the correct timing. 

By my calculations[1], the only one is:

filters-image-02-b.svg: <animate attributeName="xlink:href" to="../images/pinksquidj.png" dur="2s" fill="freeze"/>

so yes it would be good to have some tests for discrete to-animations,
both implicit and explicit.

> According to my test-suite usual viewers like KSVG1, WebKit,
> Adobe plugin, Squiggle and Opera have the wrong timing or
> other problems with discrete to-animations (of course most
> have problems with to-animations in general, but discrete
> to-animation is a much simpler issue ;o)

I need to be reminded: is it the case that SMIL Animation (and hence SVG
1.1) does not specify the timing of implicit discrete animations (and
that perhaps SMIL 3 does)?


Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Tuesday, 23 November 2010 01:41:14 UTC