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                    SVG Working Group Teleconference

22 Jun 2010


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           [IPcaller], ed, ChrisL, anthony




      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]Tracking comments
          2. [6]Telcon Schedule
          3. [7]Cascading of presentational attributes
      * [8]Summary of Action Items

    <trackbot> Date: 22 June 2010

    <ChrisL> [9]http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20040205/

       [9] http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20040205/

    <Tav> I actually am on vacation this week so I won't be calling in.

    <ChrisL> [10]http://www.w3.org/2006/07/SWD/RDFa/disco

      [10] http://www.w3.org/2006/07/SWD/RDFa/disco

    <scribe> Scribe: anthony

Tracking comments

    CL: Whatever we use it should be easy to use

    AG: I thought we used Tracker for Tiny 1.2

    CL: Can pull information from Tracker using DisCo

    <ChrisL> example [11]http://www.w3.org/2006/07/SWD/track/issues/112

      [11] http://www.w3.org/2006/07/SWD/track/issues/112

    CL: I guess that is ok. As long as people put the issue number in
    the email
    ... we should get a complete list of all the comments

    AG: I think Doug said that in an email when we went to LC for Tiny

    ED: Ok, I guess what we'll know what we're doing in July
    ... we have to address all of the last call comments before taking
    the next step
    ... what's the likely hood of that taking place before SVG Open

    CL: Should be ok. We can't add new features and if the comments are
    too complicated
    ... we probably can consider them for SVG 2.0

    ED: Sounds like we have the issue tracking thing solved - using
    ... we should make a product for 1.1 Full 2nd last call

    CL: Ok I'll do that now

    <ChrisL> [12]http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/products/24

      [12] http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/products/24

    <ChrisL> test suite for 1.1 F2

      [13] http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/products/3

    ED: Would be good to have that for PR. Want to have a bit more than
    what we have for SVG Open
    ... depending on everyone schedule

    CL: The useful thing is we have it published
    ... so there's something to show people

    ED: That was the reason I put in the announcement we are looking for
    feedback on the test suite
    ... I added those PNG tests
    ... and ran them through Batik
    ... they didn't produce anything that looked correct
    ... I wasn't sure
    ... I checked in the reference images

    <ChrisL> ACTION-2799

    <ChrisL> ACTION-2799?

    <trackbot> ACTION-2799 -- Erik Dahlström to review the png tests and
    generate reference images -- due 2010-06-24 -- OPEN

    <trackbot> [14]http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/actions/2799

      [14] http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/actions/2799

    ED: I don't know what to do

    CL: I tried them in Opera and FF they were fine there

    ED: Could be the way Batik handles the PNGs



    CL: I see what the bug is

    <ChrisL> all the 16 bit per component images are wrong in batik

    CL: Probably got the high and low bytes wrong. I'll raise a bug on

    ED: I didn't want to mark it as properly reviewed yet
    ... and you said you'll change some of the passCriteria wording
    ... what I did do is update the harness

    AG: I had an action to convert the harness to XHTML
    ... there are still tests to be done?

    CL: Yes

    ED: Waiting for Patrick to get back to me on some of them

    <scribe> ACTION: Erik to Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full
    2nd Edition test harness [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-2803 - Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1
    Full 2nd Edition test harness [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].

Telcon Schedule

    ED: I'll be around until the end of the July
    ... around the 20th I go on holidays
    ... then I'll be back 3 weeks later
    ... do we expect to have telcons for that period

    CL: Depends. Currently we have low attendance

    ED: I guess we'll do part tracking comments and part test suite work
    ... we have F2F meeting set up for directly after SVG Open
    ... has anyone spoken to the organising committee?

    CL: I can speak to him when I get back from travel

    ED: We can try to have a telcon a week
    ... then hold off for a block of weeks

    CL: We can have telcons for the first 3 weeks of July
    ... so we cancel from Tue 27th July to SVG Open

    ED: I might still be around on IRC or email

    <scribe> ACTION: Erik to Send out telcon reminder for everyone
    [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-2804 - Send out telcon reminder for
    everyone [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].

    CL: I think we can move back to one telcon a week
    ... probably the Tuesday time

    ED: Tuesday is a good time for me

    AG: I'll be there for that

Cascading of presentational attributes

    CL: Fantasi proposed wording for 2.1 and SVG
    ... it is good for both, but a bit short for SVG
    ... and she's proposed wording for 2.1
    ... but we can't use 2.1 because but we reference 2.0

    ED: We should probably reiterate the specificity

    CL: Can you email back and say you like the wording

    ED: Can we accept her wording as a comment?
    ... can we take her wording?

    CL: The essential part has not changed
    ... we test it in a selectors test

    ED: Even if we reference 2.0 it doesn't change anything?

    CL: There a few places were we have a direct link to a spec
    ... I think we can work out some wording for it

    <scribe> ACTION: Erik to Respond and put Fantasi's comment into
    Tracker [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-2805 - Respond and put Fantasi's comment
    into Tracker [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].

    ED: No other agenda requests

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Erik to Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd
    Edition test harness [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: Erik to Respond and put Fantasi's comment into Tracker
    [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: Erik to Send out telcon reminder for everyone
    [recorded in

    [End of minutes]

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