Re: New anti aliasing techniques for 2d rendering

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>I am developing a novel way to do anti aliased 2d graphics that breaks 
>away from pixel coverage and super sampling, while being simpler and 
>providing higher quality. Please take a look at , 
>especially at the samples.
>Comments welcome.

You write on your web page: "My quest for higher quality resulted in the
idea of applying the Sampling theory for all rendering. This allows for
mathematically proved alias free rendering. But it seems I am the first
one to do this!"

See, for example: Foley et al. (1990) _Computer Graphics: Priniciples
and Practice_, 2d ed, pp. 617-647.

A good rule of thumb in any mathematical, scientific or engineering
endeavor: If you believe you're the first to think of something, or the
first to do something in a novel way, you just haven't looked hard


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