Re: letter-spacing with text-anchor middle

> Opera supports letter-spacing, however the unit (px in this case) must be
> specified if it's in a stylesheet or style attribute. Chrome seems to not
> require the unit to be specified though, which is a bit odd.

I am having trouble seeing why Opera requires a unit in the case of a
style attribute. The spec explicitly discusses what to do if no unit is
given for letter-spacing. Also, 7.10 (Units) gives an example in the
case of font-size where a unit is not given.

Inkscape always puts a unit on 'font-size'. There is a comment in the
output code for 'font-size':

 // must specify px, see inkscape bug 1221626, mozilla bug 234789

I can't find Inkscape bug 1221626 (Inkscape's changed the bug keeping
system since that bug was submitted) and the Mozilla bug refers to a
2004 discussion where they grapple with how to resolve CSS and SVG spec
differences. It wouldn't be hard for Inkscape to add the unit to avoid
problems but that doesn't answer the question of why Opera requires it.


Received on Friday, 9 July 2010 11:01:01 UTC